About Us

The Postpartum Support International- Connecticut Chapter (PSI-CT) (formally the Connecticut Alliance for Perinatal Mental Health) is a chapter of Postpartum Support International.  PSI-CT works to increase support and provide resources for women and their families during pregnancy and the postpartum period (also known as the perinatal period), to increase awareness of the mental health challenges related to childbearing and parenting, and to provide perinatal mental training for childbirth professionals.  PSI-CT is a 501(c)(3) organization under the tax id number of Postpartum Support International LLC (Tax #77-0196208).

PSI-CT Board of Directors

Executive Board

President: Cory Bernard,  psictpres@gmail.com

Vice President:  Jennifer Vendetti, psictvpres@gmail.com

Secretary: Marie Russell,  psictsecretary@gmail.com

Treasurer: Adam Scherer,  psicttreasurer@gmail.com

PSI Liaison:   Jennifer Badeau,  psictliaison@gmail.com

Additional Board Members:

Support Group Committee Chair:  Sarah Dufresne,  psictgroups@gmail.com

Professional Development and Resources Committee Chair:  Martha Adams, psictresources@gmail.com

Communications Committee Chair:  Alisa Fulvio, psictcommunications@gmail.com

  • Social Media:  Alisa Fulvio, Michele Reinecke, Sharon Thomason
  • Press Releases:   Michelle Anastasio-Festi, Jennifer Hirschberg-wise, Carly Klug, Sharon Thomason
  • Website: Sharon Thomason

Events and Fundraising Committee Chair:  Laura Badecker, psictfundraising@gmail.com

Membership Committee Chair: Carolyn Kagan, psictmembershipcommittee@gmail.com

Member-At-Large:  Barbara Ward-Zimmerman, psictboardmember@gmail.com

Ex-Officio Member: Sharon Thomason, themomsource@gmail.com

To reach our goal of helping families in all corners of Connecticut, we are working to establish regional representatives who will field inquiries from individuals in their area of the state.

Regional Representatives:

Litchfield:  Lisa Candels (candels@edadvance.com)

Middlesex:  Monica Beylea (mbelyea@att.net)

Fairfield:  Carla Pileggi Caviola (elyonpc.carla@yahoo.com) and/or Pamela Allon, (center.pps@gmail.com)

New London:  TBD

Hartford:  TBD

Windham:  TBD

New Haven:  TBD