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WHY WE CLIMB: Comments from 2019’s PSI-CT’s West Hartford Climb:
1) I climb because hard things are worth doing and its important to elevate my confidence as a mother for myself and for my children.  Now that I’ve experienced the challenges and struggles myself, its so much more important to reach out and support others too.  To be the village.
2) I climb because people need to be more aware of perinatal mental health!
3) I climb to get the support everyone needs!
4) I climb because I want to break the stigma of postpartum depression.
5) I climb for myself, for my clients, for my daughters because maternal mental health matters, it is vital!
6) I climb because I know I’ve overcome the feeling of helplessness starting hours before I delivered my son.  I am so thankful.  So I am here to support.  
7) I climb to support my wife and all she does to support our family.
8) I climb because I don’t want moms to feel ashamed.
9) I climb because moms and families need support

We have some very exciting developments for 2020 Climb Out of the Darkness Campaigns! This year there will be three dates for coordinated climbs throughout the United States and the world to raise awareness and funds for the prevention and treatment of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADS). The Spring Climb will be on May 2, the Summer Climb will be on June 20, and the Fall Climb will be on September 27th. For Climbs organized with PSI-CT, the chapter will receive 98% of the funds raised, 2% will be for administration fees. The DEADLINE to register and receive a team care package and a team banner is March 1, 2020 .
Interested in leading a Climb or finding one to join?
Write to Emily at cotd@postpartum.net

STAY TUNED! We have a very special “Front-Line Provider” training being planned for June 2020!